SmartSDK is the FIWARE's "cookbook" for developing smart applications in the Smart City, Smart Healthcare, and Smart Security domains. Concretely this means that SmartSDK refines, combines and develops new FIWARE services and FIWARE Data Models into a set of well-codified and ready-to-use solutions. This is very important to facilitate the take up of FIWARE by new developers and its transition from proof-of-concept environments to production ones.

This documentation provides an introduction to the most relevant outcomes of SmartSDK by means of an Application Scenario. The purpose of the application scenario is not to provide a complex application, but to guide the developers through the features offered by SmartSDK in a simple way.

N.B. Not all features described in the scenario below may be yet available in the guided tour, but they will be released in further steps.

Application Scenario

Smog City is affected by heavy polluted air. Smokie, the major of Smog City, asked to MJ, the head of the IT department, to deploy in no time a solution to:

  • Collect air pollution data from sensors;
  • Store historical data about air pollution;
  • Create dashboards displaying air pollution evolution over time;
  • Notify citizens of pollution alerts;
  • Self-advertise to citizens the availability of the new service;

FIWARE offers several functionalities that may help MJ, and SmartSDK wraps and extend them in an easy way to deploy them, saving her a lot of time!

Briefly MJ finds out that she can:

  • Use Cloudino or SmartSpot to measure air pollution;
  • Use ContextBroker to collect air pollution data;
  • Use QuantumLeap to store historical data and create dashboards;
  • Use SmartSpot to let all nearby Android users know about the air quality dashboard.

What is also very nice, is that SmartSDK provides many recipes to deploy a basic platform offering all the above features!